Fwd: Font error - Debian install from debian packages

From: Chris Roat <chris.roat_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 11:35:47 -0800

Hi Christian,

Unfortunately, this does not solve my problem.... :(

On Sat, 19 Mar 2005 01:57:14 +0100, Christian Holm Christensen <cholm_at_nbi.dk> wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> On Fri, 2005-03-18 at 10:38 -0800, Chris Roat wrote:
> > Hi ROOTers,
> >
> > We've installed ROOT 4.02.00 via the debian package system (i.e. we
> > did a 'make debian' and then installed the ROOT packages on all our
> > machines). I don't know if that is relevant, but it probably is,
> > since things are different - such as no ROOTSYS variable is necessary
> > (which is actually quite nice!).
> Please notice, that the Debian GNU/Linux and RPM packaging support is
> currently slightly broken in ROOT. A remedy should hit CVS very soon
> indeed.

That is excellent to hear.

> > However, I have a problem that appears in stand-alone exectuables
> > linked to ROOT libraries AND in *batch* interactive use. When I try
> > to plot a histogram, I get many of the following warnings:
> >
> > Error in <TTF::SetTextFont>: font file arialbd.ttf not found in path
> > Error in <TTF::SetTextSize>: current font index out of bounds
> >
> > In non-batch interactive use, I do not see this. Anyone have any ideas?
> I guess you don't have the TTF font files on your machine. Please check
> your setting of `*.*.Root.TTFontPath: ' in your
> `/etc/root/system.rootrc', `~/.rootrc', or `./.rootrc'. The directory
> pointed at should contain the TTF files available from the ROOT FTP
> server (ftp://root.cern.ch/root/ttf).

I originally suspected such things and played around with the locations. I couldn't seem to make a difference, and the fact that everything was OK in interactive non-batch mode convinced (improperly) that I had something setup correctly.

I tried putting things in /usr/share/root/fonts, as you mention below and I think everything is setup properly. I have no extraneous .rootrc files, so the font path should be gotten from the system one. See the following excerpt from a session I did, showing I do have the fonts installed in the right place, yet I still have problems persisting.

[beta] ~ > grep TTFontPath /etc/root/system.rootrc Unix.*.Root.TTFontPath: /usr/share/root/fonts [beta] ~ > ls ~/.rootrc
ls: /home/croat/.rootrc: No such file or directory [beta] ~ > ls .rootrc
ls: .rootrc: No such file or directory
[beta] ~ > ls /usr/share/root/fonts
LICENSE ariblk.ttf courbi.ttf georgiaz.ttf timesbd.ttf trebucbi.ttf verdanaz.ttf
arial.ttf comic.ttf couri.ttf impact.ttf timesbi.ttf trebucit.ttf webdings.ttf

arialbd.ttf  comicbd.ttf  georgia.ttf   monotype.ttf  timesi.ttf
verdana.ttf   wingding.ttf
arialbi.ttf  cour.ttf     georgiab.ttf  symbol.ttf    trebuc.ttf    verdanab.ttf
ariali.ttf   courbd.ttf   georgiai.ttf  times.ttf     trebucbd.ttf  verdanai.ttf
[beta] ~ > root -b -l
root [0] h=new TH2F("h","h",100,0,1,100,0,1) (class TH2F*)0x88bfa28
root [1] h->Draw()
<TCanvas::MakeDefCanvas>: created default TCanvas with name c1
Error in <TTF::SetTextFont>: font file arialbd.ttf not found in path
Error in <TTF::SetTextFont>: font file arialbd.ttf not found in path
Error in <TTF::SetTextSize>: current font index out of bounds
Error in <TTF::SetTextFont>: font file arialbd.ttf not found in path


I've also tried putting the fonts further down in subdirectories as they come in the zip files (ttf and ttf/fonts), but that doesn't help either.

By the way, we use debian mostly because we like the packaging system and it's utilities.


> The revamped packaging scripts will create two packages - one package
> that includes the TTF files (which may violate the license given by M$),
> and one that fetches the TTF files from the ROOT FTP server and installs
> them in `/usr/share/root/fonts'.
> On a side note: I'm glad to see so many bug reports on the packaging
> scripts - especially on Debian GNU/Linux. What is that you say? Is
> this guy a masochist? He actually like bug reports? No, I don't like
> bugs, but what bug reports tell you, is that people are actually using
> the stuff. I guess the recent increase in Debian GNU/Linux related bug
> reports owes a lot to the recent changes in the RedHat licensing policy.
> Many people seem to have switched to Debian GNU/Linux after RedHat
> starting charging money for their distribution, and with Debian
> GNU/Linux you do get some Quality Assurance that you do not get from
> Fedora.
> Yours,
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