2d Histograms

From: Jorge A. Benitez <benitez_at_fnal.gov>
Date: Fri, 01 Apr 2005 14:35:48 -0500

I have some root file with 2D Histograms, I got to read and Draw the Histograms but now I wanna do some operations with them, and I haven't been able to do any ...
I want to to create something like
hist4= Constant1*hist1+Constant2*hist2+... + Constant4*Hist4 Any body have some ideas? I read the manual and it says you can add multiply histograms, but I didn't find how, is this feature also available for 2D histos?
Thank you I appreciate any help,

Jorge A.

Here is part of the code I'm using to read the histograms.

    TH2F* hist1;
    hist1=(TH2F*)d_plots->Get("LEtaUJetEta_pp");     plot2dHistogram(hist1,"Beni","Eta lepton","Eta jet",-4.,4.,-4.,4.);     TH2F* hist2;
    hist2=(TH2F*)d_plots->Get("LEtaUJetEta_pp");     plot2dHistogram(hist2,"Beni","Eta lepton","Eta jet",-4.,4.,-4.,4.); Received on Fri Apr 01 2005 - 21:35:50 MEST

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