where can I get LIBSHIFT ?

From: Vladimir Babintsev <Vladimir.Babintsev_at_ihep.ru>
Date: Mon, 04 Apr 2005 13:54:42 +0400

  Hello, rooters.

  I am installing root 4.03 at ASPLinux 10.   with gcc 3.3.3 compilator.

  I observed that there is no H2ROOT,
   and PAWX11 demands libshift.so also.

  New CERN libraries do not have libshift library for gcc 3....
  (http://cernlib.web.cern.ch/cernlib/index.html)   and I compiled 2004 CERN library from tar-files   using the macro:   


  But I observed that libshift is absent in the installed   library.

  Question: what else should I compile to get libshift.a (so)

             where I can get this library after gcc 3.... 
compilator ?


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