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From: April Stevens <April.Stevens_at_UniversalCV.com>
Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2005 03:45:47 +0100

Putting candidates in control of the recruitment process is what Universal CV is all about.  

With candidates in control, time wasting and poor communication is reduced to a minimum leaving candidates to focus on the opportunities that matter.  

Our candidate CV’s are freely available to more than 50,000 agencies and over 1,000,000 employers making it much more likely to be matched with preferred job positions.  

With this level of potential market exposure, we carefully protect candidates from receiving hundreds of unwanted e-mails and phone calls by not releasing candidate’s names or contact details,  

Our unique approach to recruitment is simple; employers and agencies use our database to shortlist candidates, but cannot view the candidate’s name or contact details. The agency or employer enters their job description and contact details onto the system, which Universal CV then e-mails to the candidate. After reviewing the job specification and salary package the candidate then decides whether to respond.  

This new approach has a number of important advantages, candidates are far more likely to be matched with their preferred job position, time wasting is reduced to a minimum, there are no unwanted phone calls or e-mails, candidates are head-hunted rather than applying for vacancies and candidates know they will only be e-mailed by Universal CV when they have been short listed for a position.  

To find out more about Universal CV and how to register as a candidate please visit our website at www.universalcv.com        

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