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From: Yang Ruizhe <jet_at_hep.pku.edu.cn>
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2005 19:01:29 +0800

Hi, ROOTers!

I am an undergraduate doing thesis work with ROOT. I have a question about helix momentum fit.

I have known that class THelix provided by ROOT can simulate charged particle track in a given magnetic field (homogeneous or inhomogeneous) and energy loss and multi-scattering are not considered.

Now I have such a track which is a set of points(x, y, z) and the magnetic field is also known at every point. I wonder how to use ROOT to fit the initial momentum (px, py, pz) of this track. If ROOT cannot do this momentum fit, where can I possibly find some existing code or document?

Thank you very much.

Yang Ruizhe

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