use binomial.C with Aclic

From: Danek Kotlinski <>
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 14:35:12 +0200

I seem to have problems using ACLIC. I can run interpreted scripts (e.g. binomial.C) and also link stanalone programs with ROOT libraries (e.g. programs from $ROOTSYS/test). But when I try to compile scripts within ROOT I always get errors. For example with binomial.C :

root [6] .x binomial.C+
Info in <TUnixSystem::ACLiC>: creating shared library /afs/ Usage: rootcint [-v][-v0-4] [-f] [out.cxx] [-c] file1.h[+][-][!] file2.h[+][-][!]...[LinkDef.h]
Only one verbose flag is authorized (one of -v, -v0, -v1, -v2, -v3, -v4) and must be bofore the -f flags
For more extensive help type: rootcint -h Error in <ACLiC>: Dictionary generation failed! Info in <ACLiC>: Invoking compiler to check macro's validity Info in <ACLiC>: The compiler has not found any problem with your macro.
         Probably your macro uses something rootcint can't parse.
         Check for 
Cint's limitations.
Error: Function binomial() is not defined in current scope FILE: LINE:0 Possible candidates are...
filename line:size busy function type and name *** Interpreter error recovered ***

I am probably missing something simple in my ROOT setup. Maybe somebody has a hint?

I am using ROOT 4.02/00 on Linux SLC3.


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