Re: Use of the c++ version of Minuit

From: Rene Brun <>
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 23:58:35 +0200 (MEST)

We are currently discussing the addition of this version of Minuit as one more fitting library in ROOT itself. This class (written by Matthias Winkler) will be named TMinuitcpp and the corresponding plug-in library will be called

Rene Brun

14 Apr 2005, Antoine Cazes wrote:

> Dear Rooters,
> I would like to use the version of Minuit rewritten in C++ by F. James
> and ROOT in the same program (called myana).
> It compiles, but when I run it, I got the error:
> myana.exe: relocation error: myana.exe: undefined symbol:
> _ZTI24ModularFunctionMinimizer
> I understoud that this is because the name of the library containing
> TMinuit is, which is also the name of the Minuit Library...
> I will change the name of the Minuit Library, but I think in the
> future, it would be more convinient if the ROOT libraries have some
> prefix that tells they belong to root (like the T of the root classes,
> for example). Then no more conflict can exist!
> Best Regards,
> Antoine Cazes
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