RE: modularity

From: Jacek M. Holeczek <>
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 10:32:21 +0200 (MET DST)

here are my 5 cents.
Seems you are using the CERN AFS ...
The problem is that ... AFS has it's own access permissions which are INDEPENDENT of the usual unix file permissions. Even though you say "chmod a+rx something" ... people will be able to use this "something" ONLY IF AFS ALSO AGREES!!! And this is usually not the case.
If you want to make "something" public ... please put this "something" into your "public" subdirectory (note this is a magic name "public"):

I think, you should already have such a subdirectory (with the name "public"). If not ... just do:

	mkdir $HOME/public
	chmod a+rx $HOME/public

Afterwards, every AFS user will be able to see files that you place there (in your case, just move your "~/rootdev" into "~/public/rootdev"). Hope it helps,
Best regards,
Jacek. Received on Fri Apr 15 2005 - 10:32:31 MEST

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