TMapFile/libNew and compilations problems on MacOsX

From: daniel cussol <>
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 17:10:46 +0200

Hello MacRooters,
 I am running ROOT version 4.03.04 on MacOsX 10.3.8. I am facing the following problems:

  1. I have read in the rfelease notes of the 4.03.04 version that the compilation problems have been fixed on MacOsX. Unfortunately, when I try to compile two macros one after the other, I still obtain the problem I have mentioned in a previous mail (see Did I misunderstood the release note?
  2. When I run the hprod.C tutorial macro using rootn.exe, I obtain the follwing error message: rootn.exe
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    • Version 4.03/04 18 April 2005 *
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FreeType Engine v2.1.3 used to render TrueType fonts. Compiled for macosx with thread support.

CINT/ROOT C/C++ Interpreter version 5.15.169, Mar 14 2005 Type ? for help. Commands must be C++ statements. Enclose multiple statements between { }. root [0] .x hprod.C
Error in <TMapFile::TMapFile>: no memory mapped file capability available Use rootn.exe or link application against "-lNew" Memory mapped file:

Title:                Demo memory mapped file with histograms
Option:               file closed

This is quite strange since I precisely run rootn.exe! Additionaly, when I try to link my own programs unsing "root-config --new", this latter command returns me an empty string! What do I have to do to link the libNew libraries? I have checked that and libNew.dylib exist in my $ROOTSYS/lib directory.

Thanks for your help.


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