National HIV Prevention Programme Spain winning award

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National HIV Prevention Programme Spain
ADDRESS AVD CARLOS No 45 PTA 5 GF 28007, MADRID SPAIN In 1988, the General Assembly expressed deep concern at the pandemic proportions of the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Noting that the World Health Organization had declared 1 December 1988 World AIDS Day, the Assembly stressed the importance of observing that occasion (resolution 43/15). Today, over 41 million people are living with HIV/AIDS. To combat HIV/AIDS , malaria and other diseases is one of the Millennium Development Goals which all 191 United Nations Member States have pledged to meet by the year 2015. World AIDS Day 2004 focuses on women, girls and HIV and AIDS. This is also the theme for the World AIDS Campaign 2005. This year, Panos is highlighting the specific difficulties that women and girls face when accessing HIV/AIDS treatment around the world. Our World AIDS Day section includes: a new introduction to our 1990 report Triple Jeopardy ; a toolkit for using 18 print features that focus on gender aspects of HIV/AIDS; factsheets providing an overview of access to treatment issues; the ‘Gender Agenda’ radio series; and an update on GAP’s study of how treatment scale-up is being designed and implemented  

Around half of all people living with HIV in the world are female. Women are particularly vulnerable to HIV infection and the impact of AIDS. This year's World AIDS Campaign focuses on women and girls. The Global AIDS Programme has put together a range of resources that relate to this gender dimension of the pandemic, focusing on current treatment roll-out..  We have map out some amount of money which you are one of the lucky winner to win eight Hundrand and fifty Thousand united state dollars selected through computer ballots and you are expected to contact the paying agent swisscarribean insurance & security for your processing and collection of your fund MR frank williams EMAIL Telephone number+34-699-632-415 . You are expected to send to us your telephone and fax number and age occupation is important. You are expected to use this programme to educated people about this disease in globe today. Your winning number is HIVSP 5688900PN. THANKS
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