Re: removing labels from TAxis (?) (fwd)

From: Mateusz Ploskon <>
Date: Tue, 10 May 2005 15:44:43 +0200

Dear Olivier, Dear Otto, Dear Tomek

from Otto >I think Mateusz would like to have something like in the from Otto >att gif, ie. leave some labels off.

To cut the long story short... That is exaclty what I would like to have... Following the advice to play with axis (u)range... I got to the point:

TAxis *ax = h->GetXaxis();
ax->SetRangeUser(ax->GetXmin(), ax->GetXmax() * 0.9);

TAxis *ay = h->GetYaxis();
ay->SetRangeUser(h->GetMinimum() - 0.1 * (h->GetMaximum() - h->GetMinimum()), h->GetMaximum() * 0.9);

Attachement shows the result..., however I suspect this may not be working well for all cases... :)

Thank You very much!
my best,

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