RE: undefined reference to `QWidget::repaint(bo ol)'

From: Faine, Valeri <>
Date: Tue, 10 May 2005 13:02:12 -0400

Hello Jacek,

I believe the Qt layer of ROOT was compiled and built against of 3.3.2  (in other words against of CERN-LCG default version as seen on afs  /afs/ )


 It says,
" . . .
  Qt Improvements

 We found Qt 3.1 is too buggy to support the functionality ROOT needs.  See:

You are advised to install the fresh version, which Qt 3.3.4 at the moment. It should be binary compatible with the ROOT distribution.

The recommended flags to install the Qt are

./configure -thread -no-xft -qt-gif -no-exceptions

I've found the tml

claims to be built against Qt 3.3.

I do not know whether this "rpm" is sufficient to bring the Qt 3.3 up.

Best regards

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> Hi,
> the "qt" is the "default" one on SLC3/i386 coming from "rpms":
> 	qt-3.1.2-13.4 / qt-devel-3.1.2-13.4
> In both cases, only the ROOT version is changed (i.e. PATH and
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH point to slightly different locations).
> Note, however, that ... I am not able to LINK the executable (i.e. the
> executable is NOT created at all) in case I try ROOT v4.04.02, while
> everything is fine with ROOT v4.03.04.
> There are NO other "differences" which are related to this change (the
> compiler "output" in both cases is exactly the same).
> Best regards,
> Jacek.
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