RE: errors on histogram rms and mean

From: Olivier Couet <>
Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 18:04:23 +0200

Hi Chris,

I have implemented this option. It is now in the cvs head. Now to set the values you want to see in the stat box you should use gStyle->SetOptStat("1011") (for instance) 1 means you want to see the corresponding value, 0 means you do not want to see it. For mean and rms "bits" you can now put the value 2 which means show it with the errors.

Cheers, Olivier

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Hi All,

How do I get the histogram stat box to show the errors on the rms and
mean ?

I guess this is probably a simple question, but I have looked through
the manuals and have not found it.

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