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Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 22:09:51 +0200

>From : Daniel Gnassigbe


Really I have not known you before,I only rely on the information I got from a representative officer with the Togo centre for external trade and industry, recommending you as a reliable person, who can grant me all moral and technical assistance that I may require for the success of this my trasaction.

My name is DANIEL GNASSIGBE the son of Late General GNASSIGBE EYADEMA President of The Republic Of Togo who died last febuary 2005. I am having a very confidencial business proposal of wich your assistance is urgently needed to come to africa.

Before my father died he has deposited in a Security Company in Cotonou - Republic Of Benin one (1) trunk Box in my name which he decleared as Family personal effect,Whereas actually,these trunk box contains Money of an amount of (22) Million American Dollars of $100 dinomination. My problem now is that I want to move this money out of Africa SECRETLY to your country for an investmet on Hotel business and I want to do this without any member of my family knowing about the transaction.

Please if you accept this proposal you should be ready to come down immediate to Cotonou _Republic Of Benin, West Africa for the claiming of the consigment.
But if you can't come down to Cotonou - Republic Of Benin, please tell me urgently of any Country in EUROPE where you think you will be able to handle the project with out problem, because I can make a special arraingment to move the box successfully from cotonou-Rep of Benin through a Special Diplomatic Channel Service, to anywhere of your choice in Europe. Why I realy need your Assistant is that, I have the conection to move this box to anypart of Europe Diplomaticaly, but what I don' t have is the Bank Account that can receive it.

And after the conclusion of the transaction An attractive commission of 25% will be given to you.while 5% will be kept for general expenses.

Please always reach me through this more confidential email address. e-mail: d_gnassingbe1_at_latinmail.com

Muchas Gracias.

DANIEL GNASSIGBE Received on Wed May 11 2005 - 22:25:28 MEST

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