Re: TPad based legend shown on screen and eps, not png/gif.

From: Valeriy Onuchin <>
Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 21:41:36 +0200

Hi Brett,

Brett Viren wrote:

> Hi Valeriy,
> Valeriy Onuchin <> writes:
> > Hi Brett,
> > strange ... no idea yet why it's happend. Be fixed asap.
> > However the following solution can help:
> >
> > TImageDump *di = new TImageDump("test.png");
> > c1->Paint();
> > di->Close();
> >
> > You can do it even in batch mode.
> I do indeed need this in batch mode! But, there are a coupld of new
> problems when using TImageDump:

You can do it in interactive more too.

> Some of the lines don't show up in the TImageDump's output. Eg, the
> test_legend.C output lacks the top and right borders. In my full plot
> the grid fails to show up at all as do one of the TGraphs I'm drawing
> with the "B" option. In both cases the EPS is correct.
> The TImageDump takes a long time (on order a minute on Opteron 2.2
> GHz) to dump the plot.

You need to the latest version which as fast as PS printing <1 sec on my 800MHz machine.

> It's true my plot does have many elements (one
> TGraph bar and marker for each NuMI spill to date) but EPS generation
> is just a couple seconds and the initial TCanvas rendering is even
> faster. I connected GDB to the process and it was spinning in
> TASImage::FillRectangleInternal, which makes sense given the many bars
> in the TGraph.

That was fixed.

> Running in batch or graphical mode doesn't changes either of these
> issues.

Check the snapshot in attachment produced with TImageDump. Works perfect.

Regards. Valeriy

> Thanks,
> -Brett.

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