Re: TPad based legend shown on screen and eps, not png/gif.

From: Valeriy Onuchin <>
Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 18:28:28 +0200

Hi Brett,
I appologize, I was not correct in my previous statements. The ROOT TPostScript, TPDF drivers were highly optimized by Olivier Couet in order to minimize an amount of PS instructions for drawing operations. So, an output EPS file does not contain 0.5 millions "line draw" instructions (much less). For your case which deals with huge ammout of points in TGraph using TPostScript, TPDF is an optimal.
TImageDump class was developed very recently and it lacks of such optimization and not ready for dealing with such cases. At the moment I'm working on optimisation of TImageDump in a way how it was done in TPostScript, TPDF classes.

Regards. Valeriy

Brett Viren wrote:

> Hi again Valeriy
> Valeriy Onuchin <> writes:
> > Hi Brett,
> > "dissapearing legend" bug was fixed. Now in CVS.
> > Thanks to you and Mike Kordosky.
> > Concerning "0.5 millions points drawn as bars" slow drawing
> > I hope to speed up it ~100 times. I'm curious, produced EPS
> > file has a size 8Mbytes and contains PS istructions to draw
> > 0.5 millions lines, how quick this file is printed by PS printer?
> Thanks for your fixes, I'll try them today.
> I have not tried printing this large file. But just viewing the EPS
> under "gv" takes about 15 seconds with antialiasing on. W/out aa
> about 1 second.
> BTW, just in case you (or others) haven't heard of it, Google's
> perftools can really help in finding and reducing bottlenecks. See
> the cpu profiler part of:
> Regards,
> -Brett.
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