Re: debian packages for 4.04/02 ?

From: Gerhard Brandt <>
Date: Wed, 01 Jun 2005 10:41:31 +0200

Fons Rademakers wrote:

> Hi Gerhard,
>  we have no Debian machines to make these packages, if a Debian user can 
> make the packages available we can make them available for download.

Hi Fons,

I offer to do the building then (also for later ROOT versions), but i need some advice.

For example i think a tag for 4.04/02 including the mentioned AfterImage fixes is in order.
I don't think its a good idea to offer 4.04/02 deb files from the ROOT page which include patches only documented on roottalk.

Also i don't know how you can then store the deb packages on the ROOT page in a way that is useable by peoples apt sources.list Christian will have to help with that.

and finally we should synchronize this effort with PAIPIX i guess ... or rather they with us.


> Cheers, Fons.
> Gerhard Brandt wrote:

>> Hi,
>> Now that the bug with with libAfterImage seems fixed,
>> are there fixed debian packages for 4.04/02 available somewhere?
>> (I checked Christians homepage and the PAIPIX site but couldn't
>> find any)
>> If not, is there a cvs tag that includes the fix?
>> Generally, what is the stance on including debian packages
>> in the ROOT release procedure? I would be very much in favour
>> of that.
>> Thanks,
>> Gerhard

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