Re: Proposal for new Physics Vector classes in ROOT

From: Nick van Eijndhoven <>
Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2005 09:38:34 +0200

Dear Lorenzo,
Maybe you could have a look at the AliRoot package as well at the Alice CERN CVS repository.
In AliRoot/RALICE there exist already for quite some time the classes Ali3Vector, Ali4Vector and AliPosition which basically have the same functionality and also a built-in error access/propagation procedure in case one performs operations with these objects.
Maybe it would be nice to introduce in your classes (which will be part of the standard ROOT 5 as far as I understand) also this error handling facility.
Another item is that AliPosition allows to provide distances between 2 locations even if the units used for the 2 locations are different. This allows using data of different datasets/experiments.


> Dear ROOT users,
> This is a proposal describing new Physics Vector classes for 3D
> (geometrical Points and Vectors) and 4D (LorentzVectors) with their
> operations and transformations (rotations).
> The proposal is available, together with a prototype describing the
> API for the classes at
> These new classes will be part of the new mathcore package
> (part of libCore) and also available as a standalone library
> (libMathCore).
> The main characteristics as explained in the linked Web page are:
> -possibility to have Vector based on various coordinate systems
> such as Cartesian, Polar and Cylindrical
> -distinction between position vectors (Points) and displacement
> vectors
> -possibility to have classes based on arbitrary scalar type (they
> are templated on the scalar value type)
> An easy connection to Linear Algebra Vector and Matrices classes is
> also provided.
> The plan is to release a first version in the new ROOT version 5 at the
> end of the month.
> The current Physics classes, TVector3, TLorentzVector, .. will be kept,
> and eventually they will be reimplemented using the new Vector classes
> (but still being back compatible).
> It is also planned to add to libMathCore other classes such as
> -Random number generators
> -Numerical algorithms such as adaptive integration,
> differentiation, root finders
> - Some basics mathematical functions
> In addition we will provide a libMathMore library with a more
> complete set of functions and algorithms
> based on the GNU GSL library.
> Any comments, or feedback or criticism is highly welcomed,
> Best Regards
> Lorenzo Moneta (on behalf of the ROOT Math Library Team)
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