From: Gerardo Ganis <>
Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2005 14:11:11 +0200 (CEST)

  Dear Isidro,

  Please find attached a modified version of your directory   which should do what you expect.

  There were a few small issues.

  Proper object transfer require full I/O functionality and   therefore a dictionary for the class, which should be known   by the slaves. The best way is to make a package with new   classes, to upload and enable it.
  PROOF provides the PAR files for this, which unfortunately   is not documented yet.

  For that you should create a directory with the name of the   package (e.g. MyCounter) and copy the class files in there:

      > mkdir MyCounter
      > cp MyCounter.C MyCounter
      > cp MyCounter.h MyCounter

  Then you have give the instructions about how to use this things.   These go into a macro called SETUP.C and located in a PROOF-INF   subdirectory of MyCounter:

      > mkdir MyCounter/PROOF-INF
      > cat > MyCounter/PROOF-INF/SETUP.C <<EOF

    // Build dictionary
    Printf("Building dictionary MyCounter ...");     gROOT->ProcessLine(".L MyCounter.C+");

    // Enlarge include path (for MyCounter.h)     TString Ipath(Form("-I%s %s",gSystem->pwd(),gSystem->GetIncludePath()));     gSystem->SetIncludePath(Ipath.Data());     Printf("Include path set to: %s", gSystem->GetIncludePath()); }
EOF   SETUP.C is executed when the package is enabled. The second part   is needed because MySelector.C needs to include "MyCounter.h"   

  One you have done this, you have to pack everything into MyCounter.par

     > tar czvf MyCounter.par MyCounter

  Now you can execute execProof_m.C, a modified version of your execProof.C .   I have put comments in there, I hope they are clear enough.   Please note that in your original macro the selector specification   was incorrect into "chain->Process()": you need to specify the   file name ("MySelector.C"), not just the selector name.

  Finally, in MySelector::Terminate, there is a problem (under investigation)   finding objects of new classes with FindObject. However, if you iterate   on the list, it works. See the modified file.

  Please try and let me know.   

  Cheers, Gerri

On Thu, 2 Jun 2005 wrote:

> Dear Fons,
> I have being fighting with PROOF for more than a week. I succeded
> in filling histograms following the code in the h1analysis tutorial.
> However my code needs to do more complex things including some counters
> (of course I need histograms coupled with counters, etc... i.e. my own
> objects). I tried something as simple as wrapping a counter on a class
> inheriting from TObject (see in the attached file MyCounter.h). I compile
> it into ROOT using the buil-in mechanism in ROOT. If you look in
> MySelector.C (automatically generated from the tutorial root ntuple
> mlpHiggs.root with MakeSelector -see the makeselector.C script-)
> I have added a few cout's and the initialisation (inside SlaveBegin()),
> registration (idem, into fOutput) and use (inside Process(...)) of a
> MyCounter object. I tried to retrieve it afterwards inside the Terminate()
> method, but the object is not any more in fOutput as it happens with
> histograms. During the proccessing I get the following 3 errors several
> times:
> Error in <TClass::Load> on master0: dictionary of class MyCounter not found
> Error in <THashList::AddLast> on master0: argument is a null pointer
> Error in <THashTable::Add> on master0: argument is a null pointer
> I have spent a couple of days trying to find out the reason for this but I
> did not succeed. Any help will be very welcome. Thank you very much!!!
> Cheers,
> Isidro
> PS.: You may run everything with the execProof.C script just changing your
> PROOF server

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