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From: Roberfroid <>
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 13:19:57 +0200

Dear rooters,

using the version 4.04/02, when I save a plot in .gif, and if I want to open this .gif with ooffice, the following message appears : "Graphics filter not found."

This message did not appear with the version 4.02.

So to solve the problem, I save the plot in a macro c1.C and run this macro with root 4.02 to save finally in .gif. But the macro produced with root 4.04 is incorrect and I have to modify manually the c1.C file.
Some lines are indeed wrong at the end of the file :

   TH1 *1 = new TH1F("1","",100,0,4.4);

   1->GetYaxis()->SetTitle("sigma (cm)");

Do you know a faster solution and could you correct this error in root4.04 ?

Thanks a lot.


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