Re: Strange new error

From: Kevin Lynch <>
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2005 17:24:40 -0400

On Linux at least, the root user can modify the global ssh configuration to allow trusted forwarding. On that platform, you edit /etc/ssh/ssh_config and add the lines

ForwardX11 yes
ForwardX11Trusted yes

Presumably, there is a similar configuration option on OSX

Aaron Dominguez wrote:

> Hi Peter,
> I had a similar error when I upgraded my Mac to 10.4 (Tiger). After
> that I had to do "Trusted X forwarding." To do this I now have to
> supply the "-Y" option to ssh when I login to my remote linux box:
> ssh -Y
> I don't know if you are using Mac OS X or not. Some versions of ssh
> don't have this -Y option, so in that case I don't know what you need
> to do.
> Aaron.
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