Date: 26 Jun 2005 19:01:50 +0200

It is my hope that you receive this letter in a good frame of mind and in confidence.This is an extension of friendship,trust and a plea for assistance. I have been thrown into a dire state with recent events leading to the death of my son who was also my sole financier.But I thank Allah that my son did not leave completely helpless and hopeless without making provisions for my welfare.He indeed passed away leaving a very good fortune behind which should adequately meet all my financial needs. With my failing health,I am unable to help myself out of this situation and so I seek your assistance to help me claim this fortune and pull me out of my terrible situation. Kindly,understand that I will give you a better Picture of my situation when I receive your reply
and Consent to help me out.My assurance to you is that you will not regret rendering this assistance to an old failing man as we will both gain richly from my offer. Please respond positively to this my confidential Email my life is in your hands.


Hadji,S.M. Received on Sun Jun 26 2005 - 19:01:55 MEST

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