Re: File I/O

From: Thomas Bretz <>
Date: Thu, 07 Jul 2005 11:55:43 +0200

Hi Rene,

> We guarantee back compatibility, ie reading files written with an old
> version of ROOT. The inverse is more tricky. We have made an effort
> so far to support forward compatibility. This did not happen when we
> started version 4 (to support correctly the bool type). So you cannot
> read files written with version 4 with older version like 3.05.
> Could you give more details on the problems you have experienced
> in moving to version 4?

I get a couple of warnings about classes missing in the dictionary (they to me sound like new features for newer files which might not be so important) but for some of our classes I get warnings like "Too many bytes read from..." and the read contents for this classes seem to be wrong.


> On Tue, 5 Jul 2005, Thomas Bretz wrote:

>> Hi,
>> is there a simple way to write root-files with root 4.04/02 which are 
>> readable with older versions (3.10/02 or 3.05/07) We have a lot of 
>> files written with the new version, but a lot of people having 
>> Software which doesn't work with the newer version anymore (for 
>> several reasons).
>> Thanks,
>> Thomas.

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