Debian packaging

From: Ricardo Yanez <>
Date: Thu, 07 Jul 2005 13:13:32 -0400


I have myself been packaging ROOT for Debian in my spare time.

ROOT cannot go into Debian due to some of its derived work, specifically Minuit and the XClass library.

Kevin McCarty may have a simple solution to this. He suggested that Root could be compiled against the SEAL project Minuit library, which is LGPL and the ROOT Team could ask the XClass folks to add a special exception to their license, specifically aimed for ROOT. If these two things happens, ROOT may go into non-free.

Regarding the poll mentioned by Rene Brun, my comment is that one would generally like to have a package for it's own distribution. It eases upgrades and makes the system more consistent. Needless to say, I prefer a well maintained Debian package than the tar-ball (hence I packaged ROOT for Debian). I guess that remark applies to all distributions.

If anybody wants to use this Debian packaging, please feel free to do so. You can find it in,

deb unstable root deb-src unstable root deb unstable root deb-src unstable root

A meta package called 'root' installs the main components of root, i.e. the command 'apt-get install root' will do the trick.

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