TChain causes segmentation violation, leaving no stack!

From: Lashkar Mohammad Kashif <>
Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2005 04:59:45 -0400

Hi all,

I'm using root v4.04/02 on Windows XP under cygwin. I've searched the RootTalk mails of 2004/5, but nobody seems to have had this particular problem:

I chain together several files, each with 100 evts, and then extract several leaves from the tree. The loop runs over the first file in the chain, ie, the first 100 evts, and then gives segmentation violation on evt #101, ie, the first event of the second file. Starting with a different file doesn't make a difference. I can see that the violation occurs at the statement


Using GetEntry() instead of GetEvent() gives the same result. Because I exit root normally to get back to gdb, it does not give me the stack:


Getting Evt #101

root [2] .q

Program exited normally.
(gdb) bt

No stack.
(gdb) where

No stack.

Thanks for any suggestions-
 Kashif Received on Fri Jul 08 2005 - 10:59:54 MEST

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