Re: delete object from GUI

From: Ilka Antcheva <>
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 14:10:14 +0200

Hi Margar,

The TPaveStats object you want to delete is connected with a histogram. Using the canvas Option menu / Statistics you can toggle its presence but you cannot delete it via the context menu. In addition, you can use gStyle->SetOptStat(0) - to hide it, or gStyle->SetOptStat(1) - to show it. The method Delete is declared in the TObject class that provides the default behavior and protocol for the objects in the ROOT framework. Some objects have options for their deletion, others - not. For this reason the Delete dialog asked you for an option when it appears. Simply answer OK if the object has no option.

Best regards, Ilka

Margar SIMONYAN wrote:

>Dear all
>I usually fail to delete any object from GUI. For instance, I want to
>delete histogram's TPaveStats box after execution of macro.
>I select it with mouse, open menu and select Delete, but I don't
>understand what option I should pass to function, or why I should pass
>option to the object which is going to be deleted ? If I don't give any
>option eider the object is not deleted or ROOT crashes.
>I am using 4.04.02 on SLC3 machine.
>Best regards,
>Margar Simonyan
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