V5.02.00 Debian on i386

From: Chris Roat <chris.roat_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 16:13:17 -0700

Hi all,

Sorry, but I have another problem building on Debian Linux. I can't seem to track this one down. Any ideas?


Making list for x3d (dev=libroot-dev lib=libroot bin=root-bin extra=) Making list for xml (dev=libroot-dev lib=libroot bin=root-bin extra=) Making list for xmlparser (dev=root-plugin-xml lib=root-plugin-xml bin=root-plugin-xml extra=)
Making list for xrootd (dev=root-xrootd lib=root-xrootd bin=root-xrootd extra=ALLLIBS= NOVERS=1) Making list for zip (dev=libroot-dev lib=libroot bin=root-bin extra=) make[2]: Leaving directory `/sandbox/croat/RooPackages/root-5.02.00' dh_install --list-missing \

        --sourcedir=debian/tmp -proot-plugin-asimage
-proot-plugin-krb5 -proot-plugin-gl -proot-plugin-python
-proot-plugin-qt -proot-plugin-xml -proot-xrootd -proot-plugin-netx
-proot-plugin-fumili -proot-plugin-minuit -proot-plugin-mlp
-proot-plugin-proof -proot-proofd -proot-plugin-quadp -proot-rootd
-proot-cint -plibroot-dev -proot-bin -plibroot \

        -Xetc/root/rootd \
        -Xusr/include/root/config.h \

cp: cannot stat `debian/tmp/usr/include/root/TQtWidget.cw': No such file or directory
dh_install: command returned error code 256 make[1]: *** [install-arch] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/sandbox/croat/RooPackages/root-5.02.00' make: *** [debian] Error 2 Received on Fri Jul 15 2005 - 01:13:23 MEST

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