[PATCH] RPM issues

From: Germano Percossi <germano.percossi_at_roma2.infn.it>
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 15:58:49 +0200

In attachment you'll find a couple of fixes.

  1. As I told you yesterday a sucurity issue exists for ROOT files attributes.
  2. As pointed out by Christian Holm last week my previuos patch about man pages extension was not so general and compliant with old versions of grep: I think that now it should be much better (thanks also to Emiliano Gabrielli)

plz, apply to HEAD (and to the 'pro' version, too)

P.S: I remind you that putting again
%setup -n %{name}
in spec.in (even if I do not agree) must be followed also by a proper correction into
README/INSTALL Regards, Germano

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