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From: Philippe Canal <>
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2005 14:06:25 -0500


These files (v6_*.cxx) are the C++ port of the correponding C file (*.c). Since they have the same content (except for translating from K&R C to C++), it is appropriate that they have their history ported (this was done by manipulating the repository directly).

Unfortunately we forgot to remove the CVS tag from these files when we copied them. I removed the tags on Thursday, so all should be back to normal!


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On Mon, 25 Jul 2005, Brett Viren wrote:

> Ricardo Yanez <> writes:
> > cint/src/v6_auxu.cxx:671: error: 'pattern' was not declared in this
> We had problems with these files as well. They are in CVS but not in
> the tar balls. Our solution was simply to remove them and rebuild.
> cd $ROOTSYS/cint/src/
> rm v6_*.cxx

Let me elaborate a bit on this, 'cause I found it confusing when I encountered it last week. These files didn't appear in my copy when I used CVS checkout to get version v4-04-02 intitially (soon after it was tagged), or updated to v4-04-02b (or if they did come, something deleted them before attempting to build them). But when I recently updated to v4-04-02f they appeared and caused problems. The extra confusing part is that they seem to have CVS histories that predate v4-04-02 and so I don't understand why they weren't a problem from the start. Was this a result of deletion by some script/Makefile, a suppression in CVS, or a re-structuring of CVS behind the scene?


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