RE: Problem Drawing within TButton

From: Dylan Maxwell <>
Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2005 13:24:49 -0600

Thank you.

That fixed the problem with that example script, but I've encountered a different problem.

I want to create a TButton which contains a TLatex object. When I create a canvas with a single button and then draw a latex object within the button, the latex is NOT visible. But, if I run nearly the exact same script, except this time I draw a graph inside the button along with the latex object both the graph and the latex as displayed as I would expect.

I've attached a script which demonstrates.


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Hi Dylan,

Your observation is correct. To have this macro working as described, the line:
should be added. Please see the attached macro but1.C.

The TButton documentation will be changed accordingly.

Cheers, Ilka

Dylan Maxwell wrote:

>Hi Roottalk,
>I want to draw a TLatex object within a TButton. As a first step I
>copied the example script from the TButton documentation and ran it.
>The result was not as described in the documentation. Instead of
>drawing a graph within the TButton pad, the script causes a new canvas
>to be created where the graph is then displayed.
>I've attached a copy of the example script from:
>I'm running ROOT v4.04/02 on Fedora Core 3.
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