Re: Fitting histograms

From: Andrey Stepin <>
Date: Sun, 7 Aug 2005 19:24:12 +0400

Hi, Monika!

> Hi everybody,

> I have a root file which has 8 histograms. The aim is to draw all of them
> in one histogram. Out of these 8 histograms, I want to fit 6 of them with
> "gaus". But when I use the following script, it just draws the last
> histogram and fits it with "gaus". What am I missing here.
> Thanks very much for any help.

> Monika

You have to set the graphic options to Fit function of histogram.

like : h1->Fit("gaus","","pSame")

There is no need to Draw it before Fit.

Try this script:

TH1F *h1=new TH1F("h1","1",100,-5,5);
TH1F *h2=new TH1F("h2","2",100,-5,5);



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