Images, colour palettes, and ROOT versions

From: Giorgio De Nunzio <>
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2005 11:30:52 +0200

Hi all!
I have a question about images, colour palettes, and ROOT versions... Executing the tutorial code galaxy_image.C (or otherwise opening a canvas and displaying
an image) gives quite different results in v 3.10/02 and in v 4.02/00: in the former
only the image is shown, while the latter case also shows a nice colour palette
on the right side of the canvas.
I do not want that palette to appear: how can I reproduce, in the more recent
version, the result obtained in the older one? There seem to be also some less important differences, but perhaps they will disappear once this major issue fixed.
Searching in the history files gave me no results, but perhaps it is written there and I did not see it just because of my ROOT inexperience. In this case please will you excuse me.

Thank you very much!

Dr. Giorgio De Nunzio
Material Science Dept.
University of Lecce
tel +39 0832 297545
fax +39 0832 297549 Received on Wed Aug 17 2005 - 11:31:38 MEST

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