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The removal of the gap fillers is being added to the list of tasks set out for the spacewalk, during which Robinson and Noguchi will also install an external storage platform to the space station.President Bush called the crew Tuesday and expressed his support for the mission and the space program.Hale said NASA managers are satisfied that appropriate safeguards are in place to prevent Robinson from damaging the tiles during the repair operation, which could make Discovery's re-entry even more problematic.While the protrusions might not pose any threat to Discovery, the "large uncertainty" about their possible effect on the aerodynamics of the shuttle convinced NASA officials to try to fix the problem in space, he said.At a Tuesday news conference, astronaut David Wolf demonstrated the techniques Robinson will attempt.Calculations by NASA experts showed that the protrusions could increase the re-entry temperature by 10 percent to 30 percent, possibly exceeding NASA's safety guidelines for how much heat the shuttle's thermal protection system should be allowed to endure, Hale said.

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