From: Faine, Valeri <>
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 09:47:20 -0400

Can you show us how your $ROOTSYS value looks like.  Is it Windows and Cygwin path ?
 It must be "Windows" path if you compiled ROOT with Visual C  i.e something like "c:\Program Files\Root\bin " and must be the "Cygwin" path if you compiled ROOT with gcc. i.e. something like "/usr/local/root/bin"  Hope this helps.

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	I have a data file in some directory.
	To open that file without mentioning its
	path every time I changed in ./root/etc/system.rootrc
	file the following line in this way.
	Unix.*.Root.MacroPath:      .:$(ROOTSYS)/macros;/home/hayk/directory
	which is working under Linux.
	But when I'm doing the same under Windows
	WinNT.*.Root.MacroPath:     .;$(ROOTSYS)/macros;C:/directory
	that is failed.
	I would really appreciate your help,
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