R: TPad::Range(), and pointing down y axes.

From: Giorgio De Nunzio <giorgio.denunzio_at_aliceposta.it>
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 21:04:09 +0200

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Merci Olivier!
Unluckily that code just throws away an axis and draws another, which is not what I need.
I'll contiinue and do mirror transformations myself (just 1-y, nothing too difficult :-)
It would be nice to have a method that inverts coordinate axes directions, so that - for example - plotting a dot at (0, 0) places it at the top left corner of a TPad.

Thanks again!

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For the time being this is not possible in a simple way. It is on the program of work.
The only trick you can do now is the one suggested here: http://couet.home.cern.ch/couet/root/ht16.html Cheers,

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