ACLIC load process

From: William Love <>
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2005 10:52:14 -0400

  Dear root proprietors

  I use Version 4.04/02 on Linux as part of the STAR collaboration.   I do a lot of Minuit fits for which I compile a script with ACLIC to  speed up the process. If I try to switch to a new script in the same  root session, ACLIC compiles the new script but I wind up with the  old versions of any functions which have the same name in the two  scripts. I assume this is because the loading process includes  whichever copy of the function it finds first in some library file it has  built. Is there a way to tell ACLIC to replace any functions in the  library with the same names when it compiles instead of just  adding them?

                               Bill Love
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