RE: ROOT5 geometry

From: Richard Maunder <>
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 16:58:39 +0200

Hi Michal,

The na49 problem should now be fixed in the CVS head if you are able to test it. For your other geometries - using TGeo - then this fix is not going to help as it was a problem local to g3d. If you can send me a simple example script which fails I will investigate.



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>2005/10/12, Richard Maunder <>:> Hi
>Michal,>> Thanks for reporting this - we can repro the na49
>problem here. I will> investigate and let you know.>Thanks.
>> When you you say the same happens with other geometries
>which are you> refering to?
>I refer to my own simple geometries, which worked ok in
>ROOT4.na49view opens a perfectly looking window and dies just after.
>> Also do:>> $ROOTSYS/tutorials/nucleus.Croot
>> $ROOTSYS/tutorials/nucleus.C
>root [0]Processing
>/home/staff/mdwuznik/root/tutorials/nucleus.C...Error: Symbol
>TGeoManager is not defined in current
>LINE:17Error: Symbol TGeoManager is not defined in current
>LINE:17Error: type TGeoManager not
>LINE:17Warning: Automatic variable TGeoManager* geom is
>LINE:17Error: Undeclared variable TGeoManager*
>LINE:17*** Interpreter error recovered *** a,
>right,after:root[1] gSystem->Load("");everything is fine.
>> $ROOTSYS/tutorials/shapes.C
>Normal view OK, X3D view OK, OpenGL view OK
>> $ROOTSYS/tutorials/geodemo.C>rootgeom.C -> same as shapes.C,
>everything OK.
>without loading libgeom by hand, too.
>> work ok or all fail with same problem?Answer above :)
>CheersMichał Dwużnik
>> > >Subject: [ROOT] ROOT5 geometry> >> >Hi Rooters,> >trying to run
>> > >na49view.C on my platform shows a correct image,> >x3d render is
>> > >ok, too, yet selectict one of the canvases> >followed by -> View
>> > >->View with OpenGL results in:> >root [2] root.exe:
>> > >gl/src/TGLViewer.cxx:304: virtual Int_t>
>> > >>TGLViewer::AddObject(unsigned int, const TBuffer3D&, Bool_t*):>
>> > >>Assertion `logical' failed.> >Same happens for my other tries of
>> > >showing geometry with OGL.> >> >Fresh compilation of root 5.04.
>> > >20th September version on Ubuntu Hoary.> >> >Regards> >Michal
>> > >Dwuznik> >> >>
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