R: User defined cursors, TGTooltips, Context menu titles, Pointing-down y-axes: my (ROOT) problems exposed...

From: Giorgio De Nunzio <giorgio.denunzio_at_aliceposta.it>
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2005 07:15:34 +0200

I modified RootShower as proposed, and the tooltips worked fine: they appear when the mouse is near the shown objects. But.. now, clicking with the mouse when the tooltip appears (on the object generating the tooltip) makes the image turn to negative! Black->White and so on.
I tried the code on my program (with some differences, because the DistancetoPrimitive member I modified is the one belonging to my TAnnotation class, and not to the background image) and the behaviour is similar. Any hint?
Thanks again for your help and patience! Giorgio

>As Tooltips are working with widgets (and not graphics), you will have
>to use DistancetoPrimitive() and manage yourself the TGToolTip
>Here is an example working with $(ROOTSYS)/test/RootShower :
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