Re: problems running ROOT from my laptop using X11

From: Gerri Ganis <>
Date: Wed, 02 Nov 2005 14:13:46 +0100

Dear Salvatore,

I had a similar problem (though not using cygwin) and was related to the fact that ROOT needs full access to the X11 server and this is not anymore the default for versions of openssh >= 3.8 (see

To authorize the remote client you should merge your authorization cookie on the .Xauthority file on the remote machine with the following command

xauth extract - $DISPLAY | ssh -l mylogin machinename.domain xauth merge -

before reconnecting with your rxvt command.

Otherwise you can revert to the old default by passing -Y instead of -X to ssh, i.e.

D:\cygwin\bin\rxvt.exe -ls -si -sk -sb -fg black -bg Wheat -fn 7x14 -g 120x24 -T "machinename.domain" -e ssh -Y -l mylogin machinename.domain


Hope it helps.

Gerri Ganis

Fabrizio Salvatore wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a problem running ROOT from my laptop. I've setup cygwin and I
> then use rxvt.exe to connect to one of the machines at the university:
> D:\cygwin\bin\rxvt.exe -ls -si -sk -sb -fg black -bg Wheat -fn 7x14 -g
> 120x24 -T "machinename.domain" -e ssh -X -l mylogin machinename.domain
> Now, if I run ROOT on that machine (ROOT 4, with ROOT set up with
> ROOTSYS=/usr/local/root/v4.02.00/slc3.gcc3.2.3/root)
> I have the following error message:
> Error in <RootX11ErrorHandler>: BadAtom (invalid Atom parameter) (XID:
> 39, XREQ: 18)
> and I cannot open any canvas:
> Error in <RootX11ErrorHandler>: BadAccess (attempt to access private
> resource denied) (XID: 58, XREQ: 102)
> Any idea what is the problem ?
> If, instead of ROOT, I run other programs opening graphic windows (like
> PAW or emacs), I don't have such problem.
> Any idea what this is related to ?
> Thanks for any help/suggestion !
> Fab
> Note: I'm not running ROOT from cygwin (or Windows), I just use cygwin
> from my Windows laptop to open an xterm !
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