RE: Selecting canvas by using GUI buttons

From: Ilka Antcheva <>
Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2005 08:32:31 +0100

Hi Diego,  

The problem you reported was reproduced on a computer having the same environment yesterday on evening. We will try to investigate the problem and will keep you informed.  

Cheers, Ilka

From: on behalf of Diego Faso Sent: Fri 11/11/2005 12:48 PM
Subject: [ROOT] Selecting canvas by using GUI buttons

Hi, I'm trying to use the root GUI to select a canvas and re-draw it. I create two Canvases and then I need to use GUI buttons to bring the selected one in front of the other.

The attached macro works properly on:

The same macro does'n work with:

In particular I don't see any effect on the two canvases: I didn't find a way to bring the selected canvas in front of the other after the creation of the two canvases.

Thanks in advance.
Diego Received on Sat Nov 12 2005 - 08:32:37 MET

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