Superimposiong 2 TGraphs

From: Alexander Wagner <>
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 16:49:29 +0100


Simple minded as I am I tried to use the tutorial

to superimpose 2 TGgraphs. Shouldn't this work as the TGraph contains a TH inside?

First problem: "same" seems to do nothing if I want to draw the second graph.

Second problem: Scale() does nothing when applied to a TGraph the follwoing way (maybe it is wrong?)

   TGraph *grasy = new TGraph();

My current work arround for 1 is to crate a TH1 object just for the axes.

The work arround for 2 is

   for (Int_t i = 0; i <= Points; i++)

      Double_t x, y;
      grasy->GetPoint(i, x, y);
      grasy->SetPoint(i, x, y*scale);


Does this work as designed or is there a more elegant solution to superimpose two TGraphs with different scales?

Root is Version 4.04/02b (current production) on Linux (Debian Sarge).


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