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From: Dmitry Naumov <naumov_at_nusun.jinr.ru>
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2005 15:27:30 +0300

Dear rooters,

I have a strange problem:
I create TTree with two branches: fRunPars and fEvent. fRunPars is filled only once and it containes simulation settings fEvent s filled for each event:


Now I created a set of files with these trees. I want to make a TChain of them:
TChain *t = new TChain("nuclon");

t->AddFile("t1.root");      // has 1 event
t->AddFile("t2.root");      // has 1 event
t->GetEntries();                // gives 0. It is OK because TTree

// has two branches one of
which is filled
// many times, another only
once, thus Entries probably has no sense t->GetBranch("fEvent")->GetEntries(); // gives 1 ?! Why not 2?

If I do
t->GetBranch("fEvent")->GetEntry(0); // it is OK t->GetBranch("fEvent")->GetEntry(1); // this event is empty.

Do I misunderstand something? Many thanks in advance, Dmitry Received on Thu Nov 24 2005 - 12:27:15 MET

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