RE: Compile QT-Layer with MSVC++

From: Fine, Valeri <>
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2005 11:17:12 -0500

> Hi Roottalk,
> I just tried compiling ROOT v4.04 with QT-layer support using MSVC++.

QT layer is Ok to compile with so-called "win32old" build. It still can not be installed against of win32 (which is "win32gdk" nowadays). Since win32old is not supported anymore one needs ROOT 4.00.08 (one year old) to build the Qt ROOT version. Let me know just you want to exercise this option.

> It fails to compile and complains about a missing header file:
> 'TQtNextEventMessage.h'

"QT layer" for Windows (because it is for non-supported win32old) was not included into the CERN distribution and the file in question can be downloaded from BNL CVS repository. (see root.diff/winnt directory there)

The QT plug-in for win32gdk was discussed during ROOT WorkShop 2005 and the plan found no ROOT team support yet (they have no time to re-design win32gdk to allow for an extra plug-in ). I'll try to make a hack for Qt support based on win32GDK during the coming Xmax holidays and upload it to  

> I searched the source tree and indeed I don't have that header file.

> The exact error message is below.

> "qt\src\TQtClientFilter.cxx(17) : fatal error C1083:
> Cannot open include file: 'TQtNextEventMessage.h':
> No such file or directory"

> Root compiles fine when the QT-layer is NOT enabled.

You have 3 options:

  1. Wait till New 2006 Year or
  2. Help to speed the transition up or
  3. Start your Qt/Root development with ROOT 4.00.08 binary available from . They should be compatible with the coming Qt-plug0n for win32gdk ROOT version

My best regards, Valeri  

> Thanks,
> Dylan
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