Re: how to fill all histograms as a default

From: Germano Percossi <>
Date: Tue, 06 Dec 2005 11:32:33 +0100

Olivier Couet wrote:
> Hi,
> Can you provide a little example showing what you mean ?
> O.Couet

The attached picture has been created in the following way:

... <code to pickup histo from file>
c1->GetFillColor() (returned 19) so.. c1->SetFillColor(0)

It has to be said that the Canvas color didn't matter but anyway I manually changed
all the fill color values to FFFFFF to be sure.

I send only the png file for a matter of size but the same problem exists for its gif version.
There is also the output of
identify -verbose
from ImageMagick package.
In the color histogram you can see that a few colors and the biggest value (that should be white)
is #F8FCF8.
I discovered this problem when I tried to set white has transparent color.

Root version is 4-04-02f

Regards, Germano

Image: c1.png
  Format: PNG (Portable Network Graphics)   Geometry: 696x472
  Class: DirectClass
  Colorspace: RGB
  Type: Palette
  Depth: 8 bits
  Channel depth:
    Red: 8-bits
    Green: 8-bits
    Blue: 8-bits
  Channel statistics:

      Min: 0
      Max: 248
      Mean: 238.788
      Standard deviation: 48.1854
      Min: 0
      Max: 252
      Mean: 242.657
      Standard deviation: 48.9153
      Min: 0
      Max: 248
      Mean: 238.788
      Standard deviation: 48.1854

  Colors: 5
  1. ( 0, 0, 0) black
  2. ( 56, 60, 56) #383C38
  3. (120,124,120) #787C78
  4. (184,188,184) #B8BCB8
  5. (248,252,248) #F8FCF8 Rendering-intent: Undefined Resolution: 72x72 Units: Undefined Filesize: 10kb Interlace: None Background Color: #000000 Border Color: #DFDFDF Matte Color: grey74 Dispose: Undefined Iterations: 0 Compression: Zip Orientation: Undefined signature: 649cce2c983ab2467a464be1753cfae30a02a26cc6c72824251fc0f57568d637 Tainted: False User Time: 0.050u Elapsed Time: 0:01
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