Re: how to fill all histograms as a default

From: Germano Percossi <>
Date: Tue, 06 Dec 2005 12:26:41 +0100

Olivier Couet wrote:
> Try:
> gStyle->SetCanvasColor(0);

Olivier, as I said in my previous mail it didn't matter the Canvas Color because
it was overdrawn by the histo's one. Moreover I said that I checked manually that
every color similar to the white one waw effectively set to FFFFFF. By the way I did what you ask (I'm sure this will lead to different things but not so sensible)
 and I did this as first command in the ROOTsession (together with other related to style).

In attachment you can find the identify output for this new one.

It must be stressed that there is no trace of the white color

Tnx for your time.

Cheers, Germano

Image: c2.png
  Format: PNG (Portable Network Graphics)   Geometry: 696x472
  Class: DirectClass
  Colorspace: RGB
  Type: Palette
  Depth: 8 bits
  Channel depth:
    Red: 8-bits
    Green: 8-bits
    Blue: 8-bits
  Channel statistics:

      Min: 0
      Max: 248
      Mean: 239.311
      Standard deviation: 46.5316
      Min: 0
      Max: 252
      Mean: 243.193
      Standard deviation: 47.2169
      Min: 0
      Max: 248
      Mean: 239.311
      Standard deviation: 46.5316

  Colors: 5
  1. ( 0, 0, 0) black
  2. ( 56, 60, 56) #383C38
  3. (120,124,120) #787C78
  4. (184,188,184) #B8BCB8
  5. (248,252,248) #F8FCF8 Rendering-intent: Undefined Resolution: 72x72 Units: Undefined Filesize: 11kb Interlace: None Background Color: #000000 Border Color: #DFDFDF Matte Color: grey74 Dispose: Undefined Iterations: 0 Compression: Zip Orientation: Undefined signature: be482ddce6d89af49bed509206d5beaf1a2777d4a7ac088ecc8a22d6099e5982 Tainted: False User Time: 0.050u Elapsed Time: 0:01
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