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From: Philippe Canal <>
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 17:58:20 -0600


CINT is not yet able to handle the full complexity of the Windows header files. In your script you should hide, the inclusion of those header from CINT. So do:

#ifndef __CINT__
#include <wtypes.h>

You may also have to hide the code using elements from this header files.

Also we do not yet build the dictionary for those header and thus they are only useable via ACLiC (and not on the command line).

> #error win32api.dll

We do not yet build it by default. You would need to go to $ROOTSYS/cint/lib/win32api
to attempt to create it (but you do not need it in your case).


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I'd like to use some windows functions in a library created with ACLIC. But as
soon as I include one of the windows header files (<wtypes.h>) the creation aborts with the following error

Info in <TWinNTSystem::ACLiC>: creating shared library D: \SilabSoft\SiTBeAn2\Daq
Error: class,struct,union or type __int64 not defined FILE:c: \programme\microso
ft visual studio .net 2003\vc7\platformsdk\include\basetsd.h LINE:33 Error: class,struct,union or type __w64 not defined FILE:c: \programme\microsoft
 visual studio .net 2003\vc7\platformsdk\include\basetsd.h LINE:89  

if tryping #include <wtypes.h> directly on the ROOT command line the file isn't found at all. Typing #include <windows.h>  I get the following:

#error win32api.dll is not ready. Run 'setup.bat' in %CINTSYSDIR%\lib\win32api
directory if you use WinNT/95.
*** Interpreter error recovered ***

Trying to run the setub.bat didn't wor either. So I think I'm something missing in my configuration.

Making a library using only root header files works fine. I'm using root 5.06
for win32 from the download section.


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