rootcint under MacOSX

From: Pietro Govoni <>
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2005 12:29:08 +0100

Dear ROOTers,

while using root on a Tiger PowerBook G4 I cannot manage in compiling my code.
The ROOT version is:

the commandline in the Makefile is:

        rootcint -f src/ -c ${INC} include/ BlockClasses.h include/BlockClassesLinkDef.h


INC= -I. -I./include ${CLHEPINC} ${ROOTINC}


export CLHEPINC=-I/sw/include/CLHEP
export ROOTINC=-I/sw/include/root

The error message I got is:

pb-d-128-141-34-12:~/private/job/cms/calibrazione/WCalib govoni$ make rootcint -f src/ -c -I. -I./include -I/sw/ include/CLHEP -I/sw/include/root include/BlockClasses.h include/ BlockClassesLinkDef.h
Error: no such template vector<TStreamerInfo*> FILE:/sw/include/root/ TBuffer.h LINE:48
Error: no such template vector<UInt_t> FILE:/sw/include/root/ TInetAddress.h LINE:53
Error: no such template vector<TString> FILE:/sw/include/root/ TInetAddress.h LINE:54
Warning: Error occured during reading source files Warning: Error occured during dictionary source generation !!!Removing src/ src/BlockClassesLinkdef.h !!! Error: rootcint: error loading headers... make: *** [src/] Error 1

Did anybody meet the same problem before?

Thank you very much, kind regards

pietro                               Received on Thu Dec 15 2005 - 12:29:06 MET

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