Re: How to draw graph without axis ?

From: Boris Skorodumov <>
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2006 21:17:09 -0500
Thank you Olivier !
Sorry, the last letter i did not formulate correctly: what i really mean is how to get rid of frame  ?
or in other words, i do not want to draw frame itself, but only graph or histogram on the pad. I was tryinng to set up border size of frame 0, but it did not help me.
thank you,
Boris Skorodumov, PhD Student 
Physics Department      
University of Notre Dame
In 46556, USA

Olivier Couet wrote:
Try this:



On Sun, 8 Jan 2006, Boris Skorodumov wrote:

If i am not using option A in Draw function, it did not help...

gr->Draw("AC") should be axis
gr->Draw("?") without axis ....

Thank you.


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