New source and binary Debian packages for ROOT.

From: Christian Holm Christensen <>
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2006 20:15:25 +0100

Hi all,

I've uploaded new Debian source and binary packages of ROOT to

        deb unstable root

This is version 5.09.01, revision 3.

For binary users, there's packages for `unstable i386, and `unstable amd64' courtesy of Kevin.

For ROOT Ruby users: You _do_not_ need to set RUBYLIB - there's a symlink in the normal Ruby directory to libRuby. You need the libroot-ruby-dev package

For ROOT Python users: You do need to specify the location of and You need the libroot-python-dev package.

Note, that SapDB has changed name to MaxDB, and the package root-plugin-sapdb has been renamed to root-plugin-maxdb to reflect this.

For those of you willing to try building on various platforms, please do so. This revision should hopefully fix the problems reported so far.

I've checked that I could build the packages with pbuilder (a chroot image with only the minimal set of packages installed to build ROOT), and everything went fine.


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