problem on ROOT I/O with TClonesArray of TVector3

From: Hajime Nanjo <>
Date: Thu, 02 Feb 2006 19:36:44 +0900

Dear ROOT developers,

A class named "B" has a member "fA", which is a TClonesArray of a class "A". The class "A" has two members, "int val" and "TVector3 tv".

I succeeded in ROOT I/O with the class "B" but found a strange behavior as follows.

Two operations,  "tree->Draw("")"
and              "tree->Draw("")"
return the same result as expected.

But "tree->Draw("","B.fA.val==1")" returns a wrong result,
which is differ from the result of

Could you fix the strange behavior?

I use ROOT version 5.09/01 under Scientific Linux 4.1. The source file are attached.
The usage is as follows.

tar xvzf test.tgz
cd test

root [0] .x draw.C

Best Regards,

	Department of Physics, Kyoto University
				Hajime Nanjo

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